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Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Phuket, Thailand

Highest Quality Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedures in Phuket:

Phuket Hair Clinic is the leading Scalp Micro Pigmentation company and provider in Phuket with many years of experience. Our Scalp Micro Pigmentation practitioners or technicians have undergone intensive SMP training in the USA and Europe. Having Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Phuket is ideal for Men or Woman coming on holiday to Phuket and would like to have a Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure. Our prices for the SMP procedure is around one-third of the price abroad. We offer the same world-class SMP procedures as you would get from any other country abroad. We also import all our machines, ink and other equipment for our procedures so you will be getting the same quality as abroad.

Our Main Features:

One of our main features is that we use a specially formulated carbon-based ink which can only be used for Scalp Micro Pigmentation and does not contain any iron oxides which cause discolouration. It is impossible for our carbon-based ink to change colour over time as it simply cannot due to not having the iron oxides to trigger the colour change. Another important feature for Phuket Hair Clinic is the fact we use needles also specially made for Scalp Micro Pigmentation. These needles have just the right diameter which is the same size as a human hair follicle thereby give a very realistic and natural looking SMP result.

Why Us for Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedures in Phuket?

Not only are we the most experienced with Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Phuket, but we also use is a technique which is our trade secret. This special technique makes our procedures look unique and very natural in comparison to other SMP companies. Our results are almost undetectable to the trained eye which make us one of the best SMP companies in World and not just Phuket or Thailand.

More Reasons to use our services for Scalp Micro Pigmentation when in Phuket:

  • Highest standards of cleanliness in our clinic
  • All our SMP Technicians have bloodborne pathogens training in compliance with Industry regulations.
  • We guarantee to beat any other quotation for scalp micro pigmentation.
  • Our SMP Pigments are guaranteed not to change colour over time.
  • We guarantee 100% client satisfaction from our SMP procedures.


Post-procedure Aftercare Guidelines:

  • No excessive sweating or exercise for the first 3 days.
  • Keep the scalp dry without washing with water or shampoo for the 3 days.
  • Preferably use foil shaver after 3 days to avoid extracting healings scabs containing pigment.
  • On day 4 gently wash the scalp with water.
  • if using shampoo avoid strong shampoos and use a very mild shampoo.
  • If the skin is dry a moisturizer may be applied but only from the 4th day.
  • Light sweating from exercise or training is recommended from day 4.
  • Heavy sweating from exercise or training is recommended from day 10.
  • When the scalp is exposed to the sun it is recommended to wear a hat for protection.
  • If not wearing a hat try to minimize exposure or use a sunblock with 30-50 SPF or higher.


Aftercare Products:

  • Milk of Magnesia is best for reducing shine to give a matte appearance and is inexpensive.
  • Other popular anti-shine products are Matte Lotion for Men and Headblade Matte Lotion but cost more.

We do, however, recommend not using any aftercare products to keep the skin as natural as possible. For more detailed information please contact us by email or (087 888 2789) or WhatsApp (+66 87 888 2789)

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